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  • Smith Rock – Misery Ridge

    Smith Rock – Misery Ridge

    A hike in pictures of the Misery Ridge trail at Smith Rock State Park.

  • Big wind, Mt. Bachelor

    Big wind, Mt. Bachelor

  • Sledding with Summer and Everest

    Sledding with Summer and Everest

  • XC Skiing & Frozen Paulina Creek Falls

    XC Skiing & Frozen Paulina Creek Falls

    It turns out that Cross Country skiing not only steals our breath and makes us sweat in 8-degree weather, it’s also loads of fun. Yesterday, we skied up to Paulina Lake with a stopover at FROZEN Paulina Creek Falls (oh baby!) with our friend Tom, and our new friend John. Thought we’d share some photos: Okay, this […]

  • Mt. Bachelor Ferrari at Work


  • Hello From 9,000 Feet

    I took this video seconds before the wind stole my right glove and launched it up the slope, just out of a lunging snowboarder’s reach, and over the south face of Mount Bachelor. Maybe some little mountain critter will snuggle up in it tonight… httpv:// It was windy up there, and icy. But! It was […]

  • Trees Are Watching

    Spotted today on our Sunday walk in Shevlin Park. (did we spot it or it us?)

  • It’s Simple Math

    8 feet of snow in less than a week + sunny skies at Mt. Bachelor – (desire to work at a desk x 2) = impromptu ski day!    

  • Marissa’s 40th and Snow!

    Marissa’s 40th and Snow!

    Yay! Big snow for us, finally. And yes, I turned 40 on the 16th – 40 in years anyway. (I made this in homage to the long-awaited snow) At Shevlin Park, we walked familiar trails. Just a week ago the paths were frozen ground covered in whispy pine needle remains, now they’re blanketed in weightless […]

  • Keith’s 40th and Smith Rock

    Keith’s 40th and Smith Rock

    How better to celebrate your 40th than to set your heart pumping in a crazy beautiful place? Smith Rock is just over half-an-hour from home and the Misery Ridge hike is a favorite of ours. The ‘misery’ comes in the first half of the hike, then it’s lovely Monkey Face and views for miles.