Keith’s 40th and Smith Rock

How better to celebrate your 40th than to set your heart pumping in a crazy beautiful place? Smith Rock is just over half-an-hour from home and the Misery Ridge hike is a favorite of ours. The ‘misery’ comes in the first half of the hike, then it’s lovely Monkey Face and views for miles.









3 responses to “Keith’s 40th and Smith Rock”

  1. Giovanna Avatar

    Happy birthday !!! and what a beautiful place !!!

  2. TONI L GODMAN Avatar

    What beautiful weather as well as location to celebrate your 40th Keith! I “checked out the size of other folks” (a wee bit smaller than the cliff I’d say) in one of Marissa’s pix….I remember you guys sharing about the “Monkey Face” previously. Truly you are living in a marvelous location in Oregon….Very happy for you and thankful of course that you now live closer to us.

  3. jenn Avatar

    Totally agree with Toni! What perks you have in such a beautiful city, but the best perk for us is that you are so much closer to us! Happy birthday Keith, we cannot wait to see you in 2 weeks. We can all celebrate together…maybe we can introduce you to our birthday tradition of saki bombs! ;o)

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