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  • XC Skiing & Frozen Paulina Creek Falls

    XC Skiing & Frozen Paulina Creek Falls

    It turns out that Cross Country skiing not only steals our breath and makes us sweat in 8-degree weather, it’s also loads of fun. Yesterday, we skied up to Paulina Lake with a stopover at FROZEN Paulina Creek Falls (oh baby!) with our friend Tom, and our new friend John. Thought we’d share some photos: Okay, this […]

  • Marissa’s 40th and Snow!

    Marissa’s 40th and Snow!

    Yay! Big snow for us, finally. And yes, I turned 40 on the 16th – 40 in years anyway. (I made this in homage to the long-awaited snow) At Shevlin Park, we walked familiar trails. Just a week ago the paths were frozen ground covered in whispy pine needle remains, now they’re blanketed in weightless […]

  • Billiards, IMAX, Sled Rides, a Fiery Sunset, Cranium, and Cupcakes

    Billiards, IMAX, Sled Rides, a Fiery Sunset, Cranium, and Cupcakes

    We had a ball with my dad, sister, niece, nephew and their darling dog Ody. This post’s title covers some of the highlights of the trip: we played lots of pool, discovered (after a year of living here – ahem!) that we have an IMAX theater and saw high-flying MI4, took Summer and Everest up […]

  • Green Lakes Hike…Almost

    Green Lakes Hike…Almost

    We did not set out to hike 12 miles. Following directions from the guidebook, Bend, Overall, we drove out Century Drive, past Mt. Bachelor, past Sparks Lake, and took a right turn at the sign, ‘Green Lakes Trailhead.’ The only trailhead we saw from the parking lot had a wooden sign marked ‘Soda Creek Trail.’ No mention […]

  • Tumalo Falls Trail Hike

    Tumalo Falls Trail Hike

    You might make a mistake if you drove to the Tumalo Falls trailhead and saw this… then in just 1/4 mile you’re at the top of Tumalo Falls and see this… You might turn around, get back in your car, and skip the 8-mile hike up to Happy Valley and back. But if you stay […]

  • A Stop at Crater Lake on Our Way Home

    A Stop at Crater Lake on Our Way Home

    We took a little side trip to Crater Lake on our way home. On the road in to the park we stopped at this little gem to get sandwiches and chips. I admit, I wasn’t prepared for how incredible Crater Lake really is – I choked up. A nice passerby clicked the above shot for […]