Billiards, IMAX, Sled Rides, a Fiery Sunset, Cranium, and Cupcakes

We had a ball with my dad, sister, niece, nephew and their darling dog Ody. This post’s title covers some of the highlights of the trip: we played lots of pool, discovered (after a year of living here – ahem!) that we have an IMAX theater and saw high-flying MI4, took Summer and Everest up for an afternoon of daredevil sledding on an icy hill, strolled around Mirrorpond awed by the sky on fire, played Cranium until the wee hours on two mornings, and ate enough cupcakes from Ida’s Cupcake Cafe’ to give anyone a bellyache.

So. Much. Fun. – Come back soon!







2 responses to “Billiards, IMAX, Sled Rides, a Fiery Sunset, Cranium, and Cupcakes”

  1. Giovanna Avatar

    What a beautiful family you have !!! … and i want all that snow in my garden !!!

  2. jenn Avatar

    I miss you guys!!!! Great pictures and videos. Especially the last video!!!!!

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