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  • Silly Mary + Guacamole

    Silly Mary + Guacamole

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  • Fun with the LaBars

    We were lucky enough to have a spring break visit from Ron, Beth, Justin, Conor, and Nestle. We had a lot of fun; here are some highlights. Fun at the park… A snowy walk along the Deschutes River… Dinner at 10 Barrels… Adventure in Shevlin Park… And Easter morning…(natural dyed eggs, jelly bean disasters and […]

  • Billiards, IMAX, Sled Rides, a Fiery Sunset, Cranium, and Cupcakes

    Billiards, IMAX, Sled Rides, a Fiery Sunset, Cranium, and Cupcakes

    We had a ball with my dad, sister, niece, nephew and their darling dog Ody. This post’s title covers some of the highlights of the trip: we played lots of pool, discovered (after a year of living here – ahem!) that we have an IMAX theater and saw high-flying MI4, took Summer and Everest up […]

  • Chilly Hands and Fried Clams

    Fried prawns on Christmas Eve are a family tradition. And some years, when we’re lucky, there’s a clam dig. Then we have fried, fresh razor clams too. There were two days of clam digging this year. The first you’ll see here where Bob, Keith, Cindie, and Zach easily dug their limit for a total of […]

  • Visiting Ed and Mary

    On our way home from visiting Ed and Mary, we stopped at this canyon. Since we stopped there last, a new bridge is in place. They left the old bridge intact which allowed me to take the above photo. The last time we stopped here, we were with Rob and Cindie when their dog, Cali […]

  • The Linen Tower that Bob Built

    Here’s how it went. Since we moved in to our home a year ago, we’ve been looking for a linen tower to fill a large cubby in our upstairs bathroom. We found one we really liked. Yay! It was $555. Boo! We tore out the catalog page and mailed it to Bob with a little […]

  • Merry Moments in Sebastopol (in no particular order)

    Spending the afternoon at Spring Lake Regional Park in Santa Rosa. Taking turns kayaking around the little islands. The next day we had so much fun and food that I forgot to take any pictures! We ate dinner and played games at Suzanna’s place. Dori and Dave made Dates stuffed with Blue Cheese and Almonds, […]

  • Redding High(and HOT)lights

    Let’s be honest about Redding in late July – It’s hot. Really hot.┬áBut, despite the 105 degree days and 77 degree nights, we had so much fun! Two of our favorite people in the world. (They’re sweet aren’t they?) I’m kind of attached to that guy on the left too… We started our visit walking […]

  • Bob’s Birthday, Scouting for Campsites, and The Metolius River

    The day before Bob’s birthday – Happy 69th! (again) – we took a little road trip to see the Metolius River and scout campgrounds north of Sisters in hopes of some August camping trips. The Metolius River is unique in that you can take a short stroll down a path and see it’s mouth – […]