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  • Brunello, Pecorino, and a Church on a Farm

    Brunello, Pecorino, and a Church on a Farm

    All night wind whips the stone walls of Casina di Rosa; it raps at the windows, it rattles the shutters. In the morning, clear skies and sunshine come to replace it, but the wind is reluctant to leave. Despite the bluster, we have a day trip in mind. We want to see more of Tuscany:…

  • Of Windsurfers and Castle Ruins

    Of Windsurfers and Castle Ruins

    (Did you see the update on Charlie?) Civitella Marittima is an hour from the Mediterranean coast. We drive to the village of Talamone, a day trip because we want to see, well, the sea. We wander the village and admire the castle ruins perched at its peak – evidence of the town’s long, militant past.…

  • Update on Charlie

    Update on Charlie

    This morning we found this in our inbox: Ciao Marissa, Ciao Keith, Charlie is quite fine, he has to go to the vet everyday for medicine, probably today or tomorrow it will be the last day!!! Have a great day, Giovanna

  • A Day, both Wonderful and Sad

    A Day, both Wonderful and Sad

    I don’t know how to write this post – today was wonderful and sad. Wonderful because of Carlo and sad because a sweet, small dog was bitten by a snake. The dog, Charlie, is in the veterinary hospital right now and there is a good chance that he will live. I want to start with…

  • Closer to Italy

    Closer to Italy

    Giovanna picks us up where we’ve parked our car, below the Tuscan hill town of Pari. She assures us that we should not drive our rental car the few miles to her farm. She’s right. Deep ruts scar the roads where tractors have traveled all summer. We speed along in a tattered truck dipping and…

  • Casina di Rosa

    Casina di Rosa

    There are about 500 citizens, and half that many friendly cats, who live in Civitella Marittima. The city sits up on a hill in the heart of Tuscany. There is a post office, a small clinic, a school, 2 bakeries, 2 cafés, 1 butcher, a small store, and 1 restaurant. Except for the restaurant and…

  • sanh jee-meen-YAH-noh

    sanh jee-meen-YAH-noh

    Despite the dreaded label “tourist trap” that some attach to San Gimignano, it’s a perfect halfway point for lunch. From Florence, our wheels roll toward Civitella Marittima. If you were eavesdropping earlier this week, you would have heard us speak of san jim-ig-NANU or some other nonsense. Now, we take turns saying the name correctly.…

  • Peeping Dome

    Peeping Dome

    Tomorrow we pick up a rental car – yes, from the same agency in Florence – to drive to Civitella Marittima, a small Tuscan village of 500 citizens. When I think of Florence, I’ll remember many things: the exhibit that I found unremarkable until I saw a woman so moved that her tears moved me, the…

  • A Few Hours in Siena

    A Few Hours in Siena

    We made a difficult choice, when planning our trip, to stay in Florence rather than Siena. Today we spent almost as much time on the train as in the city, but had to have a glimpse of what we missed. We saw enough to know that we’d love to come back. Maybe you’d like to…

  • Bistecca Fiorentino

    Bistecca Fiorentino

    Florence is famous for Bistecca Fiorentino. Cut from the short loin, it’s similar to the United States Porterhouse. In Florence, the steak traditionally comes from a Chianina cow – the largest and one of the oldest breeds in the world. It’s simply prepared – aged, rubbed with olive oil, salt and freshly ground black pepper,…