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XC Skiing & Frozen Paulina Creek Falls

It turns out that Cross Country skiing not only steals our breath and makes us sweat in 8-degree weather, it’s also loads of fun.

Yesterday, we skied up to Paulina Lake with a stopover at FROZEN Paulina Creek Falls (oh baby!) with our friend Tom, and our new friend John.

Thought we’d share some photos:

Okay, this was from December, but I love this photo. This was from our first XC skiing adventure at Virginia Meissner.

On to the Paulina adventure:

Let’s pose for a picture.



There we go. 🙂

John’s telling a good one outside of Tom’s cabin at Paulina Lake.

Skiing around the lake…

Fun with the LaBars

We were lucky enough to have a spring break visit from Ron, Beth, Justin, Conor, and Nestle. We had a lot of fun; here are some highlights.

Fun at the park…

A snowy walk along the Deschutes River…

Dinner at 10 Barrels…


Adventure in Shevlin Park…

And Easter morning…(natural dyed eggs, jelly bean disasters and all 🙂

Loved having you here! Come back soon…

Hello From 9,000 Feet

I took this video seconds before the wind stole my right glove and launched it up the slope, just out of a lunging snowboarder’s reach, and over the south face of Mount Bachelor. Maybe some little mountain critter will snuggle up in it tonight…


It was windy up there, and icy. But! It was our first trip to the summit this season.

And the rest of the mountain? – hardly a soul around, sun smiling, 10 inches of fresh powder. O happy day…


Marissa’s 40th and Snow!

Yay! Big snow for us, finally. And yes, I turned 40 on the 16th – 40 in years anyway. (I made this in homage to the long-awaited snow)


At Shevlin Park, we walked familiar trails. Just a week ago the paths were frozen ground covered in whispy pine needle remains, now they’re blanketed in weightless crystals. We kicked up our heels, hopped like kangaroos, and dared to cross the bridge that Ody curiously would not. Welcome 40!